Friday, July 30, 2010


The whole fam went out to work for pops today- well most of us. Moms, pops, toni, vicky, david and myself went and did a job out in Scottsdale at ironwood.( my sisters just came in my room, they think it's lost and found in here or somethin. anywho, toni is one of those peeps who believes in pictures and 3 syllable words, that's her suggestion for the bloggerz) So back to the whole fam going out to work... we got done early so vicky and toni and i decided to go shopping.

Since toni had an appointment at ASU we headed towards tempe marketplace nearby to kill time while toni waited for someone to critique her resume or should i say " CV"... Anywho, Vicky and I as usual were in some deep conversation about how Lady gaga's parents were totally shocked about her behavior but relented after her millions came in when we pulled into the Jungle that is tempe marketplace. G, being the usually ADD driver that she is was paying next to no attention to the dozens of passersby and jay walkers when the spirit smacked both she and vicky upside the head. Crossing the street they saw a young guy with a small rolling suitcase and red ice cooler. He was walking up to people but they all seemed to be uncooperative.

" What do you think he's doin" asked vicky...
g needing no explanation for the random question, " I'm not sure, maybe he needs somethin".

it was the next second that the two of us decided to find out what the seemingly unseeming kiddo needed. looking for the closest parking space near him- and might I add the farthest from Ulta, our destination- we parked and decided to "run into him". As we made our way across the mile long parking lot to get to this kid we weren't thinking much other than we needed to talk to him and give him what he asked of us. As our paths crossed, the young man as we had seen him do stopped, which wasn't surprising, and offered us " a cold, chilly water on this hot az day for 50cents" [ thick jamaican accent] which was surprising.

Still a bit shocked g asked, " what for ?...." ( really intending to say "what are you selling hoh for?")
Jamaican kid looking kind of confused with an obvious question... " uhh for water, 50 cents for water?"
g feeling kind of stupid, " yeah, sorry, right... we'll take 2".

It is not very often that I feel and immediately recognize the distinct obvious prompting of the Holy Ghost, especially now that I'm no longer a people serving Missionary, but I felt it today. I have no doubt- Vicky nor I- that a Father in Heaven was concerned for that young man and, working with what he had, wanted us to give him the $3 in my wallet. I am grateful for moments like those, moments that remind me that there is a God whose hand i can see. I consider myself a semi decent and charitable human being, but definitely not one that is astute enough to notice someone in the middle of a huge crowd in the middle of a busy shopping center with 50% off banners alluring the eye to store windows all around. There is a God in Heaven who sent his spirit to smack us and point out this one lone soul. I'm grateful to know and recognize it.

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