Tuesday, July 27, 2010

work, arizona

Real quick- i think my first post was actually supposed to be in the "about me" section. oh well.

I've spent the most of this past month here at home, working for pops. My parents are getting old, it's kind of scary really. pops is a tree trimmer and his job is excruciatingly demanding on his body. moms too has lost a lot of weight and just gets tinnier and tinier. my parents are both kind of weird, which is kind of a good thing since it means i fit in better. however, despite their funkiness and ideas they love us a lot. i mean a lot. they never say it or really show it, but i know they do. anywho, as a result of this i kind of feel this really long umbilical cord pulling on me all the way in va where i now reside-school. i'm also not gonna lie, as much as i would like to say that i am one of those attachy afraid to leave home kids, i'm not. the umbilical cord tugs best far away. i tend to stray all over the place and when i do come home, i just act like i've never left in the first place. im fine being away, as long as i know they are where they are supposed to be. maybe this is why i felt the strong urge/desire to come home this summer, that and the fact that my ace is waaay broke.

i thought i'd come home and try to help out a bit before school started up again. school, another tangent, maybe next time. anywho, back to the point. overall this summer has been one of the greatest of my life, yet nothing has really happened yet everything has... I'VE BEEN WORKING FOR POPS. it has been at least 4 years more likely 5 since i've gone out and spent 12 hours in the grueling sun. I get up at 4 a.m., put on my jeans- which i'm happy to say are getting baggier- and Gorilla teeshirt. then I go upstairs steal a nature valley bar, glucosamine, braid my hair in two pig tails, put on a big straw hat, white sunglasses and holey tennis shoes. i then put on my work gloves- which i keep on until i get home. This is very important for the tan i'm trying to pull off, that of my hands looking are paler and paler in comparison to my super sun exposed arms. the goal is to get my arms so tan that my hands look like gloves. Pops by now has started the trucks and is nagging mom with his protein shake- the dude burns like 6000 calories a day and is constantly trying to keep up with them. then its off we go. where pops usually starts the day with "god bless us... but not when you mess up you f**** pende**s!" My job is never a super exciting one, well at least not til recently. Pops has finally let me start running around with my own stihl. Let me tell you those things are sweet! I feel such thrill, such power such such... UMPH holding them between my hands. well i'll admit, i only handle the 195's- they're on the smaller side of the scale. I've had to carry a couple of the big ones for pops before, and i'll just say, they don't make me feel the same... quite the contrary.

I think what has changed or stood out is that i've gotten to go back and relive a lot of my childhood summers. I've also had a lot of time to let my mind wander while seeming completely productive. SB 1070 has caused quite a stir here and the immigration question only seems to get more tangled. I've been exposed to quite a bit of stereotypism- if that's a word- and been reminded of my ignorance. I've also got a whole new soap box i indulge in with myself on occasion, the DREAM ACT. Overall, I am reminded of the sacrifice that got me to where I am, the importance of an education and faith in a loving heavenly father above. I've also learned, first hand, that he who wins is he who keep his composure. Never let anyone get the best of you. in my case, when i let that happen i have to throw in the towel because i feel soo bad about feel soo strongly and then i can't counter as effectively.

okay, i have to go to bed now... i haven't quite finished my thought processes, but that's nothing new.

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