Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It was in my freshman year of College that my philosophy professor, Dr. Jones, introduced me to Rene Descartes. His name wrung familiar that fall morning as he described the man. As it turned out I had heard the name before. He had been mentioned in my 8th grade algebra book. The effect of his contributions spanned more than the philosophical and mathematical sciences. As a young sickly boy, the young descartes spent most of his time in bed and, as I remember the story, his boredom led him to creativity. One day in an attempt to keep track of flies on the ceiling above he began assigning them what we now refer to as coordinates. The ceiling, he divided into four quadrants and as each flew from section to section he was able to better evaluate their movement and location.

This story has always stuck with me. I appeal to it now as an explanation, if i will, for keeping a blog. Mostly, i figure it might be fun, useful and even an act of obedience. But, i also figure that if, like descartes, I can keep track of my thoughts then I will also be able to make more sense of the hand of the Lord. So these are my coordinates...

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