Sunday, October 10, 2010

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So, we're getting well into fall and this fabulous Fall semester. I think it's time for the back-to-school candy apple red to take a break in the back seat. bring out the Orange Crush! Speaking of Orange Crush, the RA's of the Lofts held our Orange Crush party last weekend. It went fabulous, however, I wasn't able to make it. Why? Conference, Mission Reunion, Homework...? Sadly, while the first two were legit occurrences that i wish, i wish so bad i could have gone to, they were not indeed the causes of my absence at the Orange Crush on Friday night. the culprit to whom i assigned most of my utils was actually my very first RAM trip! ( RAM standing for Remote-Area Medical). In short i was on a weekend long medical mission trip to Grundy, virginia. These medical missions bring aid to the rural people's of the Appalachia region- and as i learnt today world as a whole. This "little" events are actually quite the event, hundreds of doctors, nurses, dentists and medical staff from the region volunteer their time and efforts to visit remote locations and provide all sorts of medical service completely free of charge to the public as a whole. People drive hours and sit in 24 hour long lines to get a dentist to look at their teeth or check their vision and hearing or get their very first breast exam. In this wonderful phenomena, I- a wimpy pre-med kid- fit in as a general service volunteer. Depending on the luck of the day and the help needed we can do anything from draw blood to pick up trash to wander around aimlessly seeking a doctor who will let us shadow them.

Anywho, I'm getting off track. So, I went last weekend and it was such an amazing experience then late this past week, i was offered the chance at a second round this now ending weekend. At first, I was sure I had to turn it down seeing as how I'm broke- gas and board were like 25$ and I have a pile of homework from the last week, just waiting for me as well as a lab Exam fastly approaching. So, all in all, I was nervous and thought i'd better say no, but the urge didn't leave and I said yes! YES! YES! This weekend was phenomenal. The clinic took place on a race track in Bristol Tennessee where people pronounce their last name H-O-L-L-A-N-D as "hair-ey" literally. All weekend i felt like people were looking at me like i was stupid when I couldn't understand their name. They would say" My name is Haa...i....n" and I would say "excuse me what?" and they would say " haaaa....i....nnnn" and I would say " umm what" and they would just grab their patient form and show me their name at the top and i would say, " oh HARRISSON" and they would look at me like " duh! that's what i said, 'haa...r.......n'". Oh the joys of Appalachia! Anywho, back to my point again.

This evening we got back a tad bit early. To be honest, I was looking forward to an evening of dinner, shower, bed and maybe a movie. I was exhausted. However, right in the middle of dinner and shortly after a prayer asking the Lord to help me remember his sabbath I received a call from my bishop, bishop stuart. He mentioned something about a meeting, for RM's, a testimony, me and 2 minutes to which i agreed. This meeting turned out to be the highlight of my i don't know, probably week! I was able to give my testimony at a meeting for RM's, future M's and current M's. It was blissful, it was just what i was needing, to feel the powerful spirit of the restoration. The talk was wonderful, it was given by Dr. Sowell's best friend and now former mission president of the fortworth texas mission. but anywho, yes, it was wonderful and here is what i learned.

As we were singing the opening hymn, "called to serve", I had this sudden urge to just keep marching, marching all the way out of the building out the parking lot and down the street, to a home, a door a stranger anybody that might listen to my testimony of the Gospel! The Church is TRUE! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! AND WE ARE ALL THE BETTER FOR IT! IF ONLY we would take the time to share it with others to take that kind spirit that abides with us in the chapel to the outside world and there share it. I am grateful for my mission and for my mission presidents! may the lord continue to bless us all!

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