Friday, August 13, 2010

lady lofts, my girls

Let's be frank here. I'm not one of those people that really feels kindly and cares about others. my bad, i'm working on it, really. i could quite frankly care less about what people do with themselves, it's not like i don't like them or wish them the worst, i just don't think about them. the only people in the world that i care about and you know, L-O-V-E, are my pops, moms, broder, toni, vicky, randy and brandi and soon david AND my mission peeps ( and Keish, and britt, AL, sheri, aunt and uncle and a few others, but not many more). Nothing gets me more riled up than when someone attacks them. Call it territorial, passionate, retarded, loyal, whatever you want... it is what it is. I'm randomning for a reason. Tonight i chilled with some of 'my girls', the 44 to whom i am RA responsible. We were driving back from Roanoke and listening to mostly shakira's waka waka song, when it suddenly dawned on me. I stinkin care about these girls like a lot. Put them on the list, 1.fam, 2.mish fam, and now, my girls, 3. It's the weirdest thing, i really don't get it. As soon as you "serve" someone the love and loyalty that you have for them just shoots through the roof. It is in moments like these that I feel like I could maybe just a tad, a very weebit, possible, just perhaps be able to understand and almost describe the phenomenon of christ-like love. You want only the best for those people and are willing to forgive shortcomings but yet you hold them up to a higher standard, you LOVE them. and so that's all i wanted to throw out there, feel free to catch this other bit of jabber.

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