Tuesday, November 29, 2011

more changes, more time

What is it about "finals" time that gets you on the internet and updating your blog? Oh yeah, PROCRASTINATION. Well I think my family puts the nation in Procrastination because we all do it and living at home, taking on-line classes makes me feel justified in this act. It has been so long since I updated this little journal that I don't need to change the background because the Holidays are once again right around the corner. Well here is an update of the last year, in no particular order.

1. Randy- decided to go on mission, got himself ready, got a call, turned 19, went to Alaska, came home, had a farewell party, didn't leave, waited, waited, waited, waited, waited, got a phone call, waited, waited, waited, waited, waited, got an official military call, left. Just like that.

This event is major on this list because it has kind of directed the path of my life for the last oh 4 MONTHS! Do I regret it? Do I regret saying no to a freaking amazing job in NYC, or DC, or Lady Gaga for that matter? BIG FAT N-O NO- at least most of the time. A realization we all come to at some point in our lives, some of us later than others is that at the end of the day what really matters is who you are and who you are is what you do. My family needed me. I don't think I have really learned this lesson yet, but, I have learned to follow what is otherwise called a gut instinct- I hope.

2. I graduated- for the most part. long story i will save for later.

3. Goals- I am reshaping them, but they look a lot like they did about 7 years ago except for one minor major thing. I now realize, Heavenly Father wants me to have my own family, not the one I already have, but my own addition to the one I already have. ( it's gonna happen on his time though).

4. VICKY SUE- my baby sister goT MARRIAGED! to this great new brother, DAVID! AND NOW WE ARE RELATED to his most wonderful parents in France! ( can we say milk the thin family connection?)

5. Jemms- WE lived together for Maymester. Expected but nevertheless EVENTFUL. Tori was missing from it all, and it would have been much better had she stayed, but alas her family in KUAUI was anxious to have her home.

6. Broder- he's nicer to me now. He and B are expecting a new little one. Her name is going to be Etel- she's going to be a rockstar. oh and Lily was also born last year too. She is just like her grandpa the Gorilla! hahaha....!!!!

7. Toni- is famous and in Vegas where she broadcasts "live" every evening at 11:15 p.m.

8. I TOOK my dream MUA class and did quite okay. Met some sweet friends like Tanna.

9. Lived in DC for the Summer and met Emm and Jaymos family and fell in love with them all. They are sooo wonderful- especially Sis. Smith.

10. Think that there is a very, very, very, very slight, but nonetheless existent possibility that I lost a bit of the extra weight I found during the mish.

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